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“Scale Your Business, Create Free-time and Do the Work You Love

If you don’t learn now how to create the business life of your dreams, you will hate yourself later.

Dear Small Business Owner/Leader:

Save This Date:  April 30th, 2020

You're invited to attend a live one-day conference that promises to propel you faster and further in your small business then you've ever imagined.

My promise:  You will discover the secrets to create the small business lifestyle of your dreams

Hi, my name is Brad Miller, and I know that’s quite a promise, but hang on.

I'm the host of the event, and I’ve discovered some very interesting keys to making my small business work – and I’d like to share them with you (more about my company, Interior Plant Scapes here).

When I say "making this business work" I mean that literally, because I know what it's like to have a small business that doesn’t work - and because I've had both, having a business that works is crazy fun and rewarding.  What I have now is a Lifestyle Business. 

Here’s a phrase we use a lot at my company.  We’ll teach you how to put it to use in your company, “ruthless standardization.”  Friend, it’s a beautiful thing!

 Stop Thinking Like a ________________ (For me it’s “Plantscaper”)

Fill in the blank with the name of your industry

You likely got into your small business for the same reason I did - you had some kind of technical skill you were good it.  For me it was live plants – I had a knack for them (Yes, I’ve got a green-thumb). 

Trouble was, creating the Plantscape business of my dreams had little to do with horticultural expertise.  Read that again.  It’s a game-changer!

Plant selection, watering and plant care is a prominent part of Plantscaping (Duh!), but the parts of the business that would eventually propel me faster and further as promised, was something else.  What I'm talking about is innovation and marketing.  "Why these," you ask?

"Because of the nature of business, it has two and only two functions, innovation and marketing.  Innovation and marketing make money, everything else is a cost." - Peter Drucker

You’re going to be challenged (persuaded, cajoled, pushed) to think more about innovation and marketing, than maybe you ever have before - hence the name...


The Small Business Innovation & Marketing Live Event

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My vision is to teach you how to think innovation in every function of your business.  Then, market like crazy.  But I’m getting a little ahead of my story…

It started for me over 35 years ago.  At age 22, I started my company with little experience and lots of cockiness and naiveté.  “I’m good with plants, how hard can it be” (you can stop laughing anytime). 


Back then, innovation and marketing were in short supply.  After almost ten years, I was dying the death of a thousand cuts, and ready to throw in the towel.

Of course, I'd heard of both innovation and marketing, but it wasn’t until I had my company for almost 10 years that the reality of Drucker’s quote began to change my life.

Innovation saved my sanity

The first one, innovation, was a matter of survival – even sanity.  I just couldn’t keep doing business the way I had been.  The business was all-consuming, and I was ready to chuck the whole thing.  Then I heard what would be, "the sentence that changed everything."  My guess is, the sentence "changed everything" because it came at just the right time.  If I wasn't in so much pain, confusion and desperation, the truth could’ve had no impact - and my business and my life wouldn’t have changed.  But the sentence did impact me - tremendously, and everything did change.

The first thing to change was my thinking – let’s call it mindset.  Friend, “nothing changes until your thinking does.”  Therefore, mindset (limiting beliefs, industry norms, lack of vision, etc.) will be another significant part of the Event.

With a new mindset, I took action.  As a result of the sentence, I enrolled in the E-Myth Academy.  Founded by Michael Gerber, he was the one who penned the sentence…


"You have to stop working in your business and go to work on it."

Warning!  Right now, you’re tempted with, “oh that, I’ve heard that.”  You may even be ready to stop reading and go back to work (IN, your business, lol). 

Friend, that’d be a Tragic Mistake!  My questions for you… “when You heard the sentence, what did You do with it?”  Did you take action?  Did your business improve?   Did your lifestyle take a big leap?  Did you figure out how to work ON your business?

That's what the sentence did for me – and Oh, so much more.  Seriously, when my thinking changed my business changed.  Then huge changes to my life as well.  This was the one-eighty about-face that gave me a business and a life better than I ever imagined.  You may be asking, “but how exactly?”


OH!?  Innovation is Systems!

The E-Myth Academy consisted of a weekly conference-call with an E-Myth coach and 12 other business owners around the country (all different business types).  The assignments included “working On” a different function of my business each week.  This was my introduction to the world of business systems.  That was over 25 years ago, and today my life is drastically different.  As a result of working On my business, I have a business that works, and works without me.

“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” - Deming

Let that sink in.  Literally, you need a system for everything.

Free E-Book..."11 Systems Manual Secrets to a Business You Love"

Who else wants to create a Lifestyle Business?

Friend, your business could be better...your business should be better. Learn how by signing up here for my free e-book.

AND My Real Book on Systems…for FREE

The reality of Demings quote and my new systems mindset, changed my life – so much so that I wrote a book about it.  The book is called, Victory Goes to the Business with Superior Systems – and you can get a copy for FREE.  Many stories and examples are from my life at Interior Plant Scapes.

You can buy the book on Amazon (for 15 bucks) or I’ll send you a copy for FREE, if you’ll cover the $3. for shipping.

You’re getting the book for FREE because I want you to come to the Live Event, and I want to gain your confidence.  Honestly, if you’ve already decided, “yes, I’m coming,” you should read the book first as your foundational launch pad.

At The Event,  I (and other top presenters) will challenge you to rethink your small business and create a 360-degree systems machine.  What that means is, “process is the path to profit.”  All successful businesses are systems designed to create a predictable customer experience every time.  Every time.  Think of your business as a cookbook, filled with tried and tested recipes that create delectable dishes with amazing accuracy.  Sadly, most businesses, don’t have a cookbook – instead they operate with procedure du jour.  The result is a kitchen that always on fire!  The business owner is the chief fire-fighter.  It doesn’t have to be this way.


Invent Your Business

Here’s a new way to think about your business.  You’re the inventor, the Intelligent Designer of your business.  Here’s another metaphor: a business is an invention.  A business that works like it should, is a collection of inventions working together to produce a desired result.  Each small invention works together as a whole to create something truly remarkable.  Do you think about your business that way?  Can you say, “my business is remarkable!”


When you come to The Small Business Innovation & Marketing Live Event, you will get the Inventor Mind-Set.  You will THINK about your business as the product.  You’ll stop thinking like a technician.  You’ll learn, your technical work is not the product, your business is!  Whoa, that bears repeating…

Your technical work is not the product, your business is!

That, my small business friend, is what it means to stop working in your business, and go to work on it.

Your 360 Degree Systems Machine

Imagine if you had systems for every department and each function in that department.  Close your eyes and see it.  Imagine your business.  See your business operating flawlessly and exceeding your client’s expectations (and even better, yours). 

At Interior Plant Scapes, we have 10 different divisions (departments) and systems for each.  There’s a vision statement for each one, therefore, a lot of intention in how each division functions. 

Interior Plant Scapes Vision Statements by Division

Interior Plant Scapes Vision

Interior Plant Scapes is the premier provider in Southwest Florida for creating ambiance and beautiful spaces using gorgeous plants in decorative containers and guaranteeing their continuous beauty with professional plant care.


Staff Development – Our People

People are our most important asset, therefore, we develop their talents and gifts with love and respect through on-going training, encouragement and fun.


Finance and Accounting – Our Profit

We use multiple dashboards to track our income and expenses carefully, so that we can be good stewards of our resources of time and materials and show a great return on our investment – a profit.


Marketing – Our Presentation

Our marketing boldly persuades and differentiates Interior Plant Scapes as the obvious choice for creating ambiance and beautiful spaces.  We believe “Everything is Marketing,” and therefore, strive for a professional message in every contact with the marketplace.


Sales – Our Proposition

We believe "Plants and Planters, Guaranteed Gorgeous" are an essential amenity for life and businesses and so present that sales proposition in a compelling and persuasive manner, using simplified systems to make it easy for prospects to say Yes.


Greenhouse – Our Product and Property

Healthy plants are foundational to everything we do. Therefore, our greenhouse operation is an amazing integration of systems and processes that consistently deliver the highest quality plants in a stunningly clean and fresh environment.


Plant Preparation – Our Preparation for Success

We believe that “Prior Plant Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” Therefore, everything plant receives 11 points of inspection for horticultural health and gorgeousness.


Delivery and Installation – Our Primary Impression

Because our business depends on “Making and Keeping Promises,” our delivery and installation department delivers on time results using finely tuned processes and checklists.


Plant Care – Our Product and Service

Our gardeners are the smiling face of Interior Plant Scapes that take pride in creating “ambiance and beautiful spaces” through healthy plants, quality service, and authentic customer relationships, resulting in Plants and Planters Guaranteed Gorgeous.


Quality Assurance – Our Performance Measured

To make good on our promise of Plants and Planters, Guaranteed Gorgeous, we have scheduled visits at each account and measure our performance according to specific standards of excellence.


Office Administration – Our Promises Kept

Because office administration is the hub of the wheel that enables the spokes to function well, it is managed by dedicated staff who use integrated systems, processes and checklists to accomplish their work.

Here’s a little peek into our business and how we think with a systems mind-set. Of course some of the Plantscape/Horticulture systems won’t apply, but the Big-Idea is…everything gets a system!

  • All marketing is a multi-step campaign, sequence or funnel. There’s no such thing as one-off marketing.
  • Multi-step campaigns using off-line, on-line and in-person strategies
  • “If you can’t create a steady stream of prospects ready to do business with you, you can’t control your business” – Dan Kennedy
  • Lumpy mail (direct-mail) that always gets opened. You wouldn’t believe the stuff we send through the mail
  • How to become the Master of The Interrupt. Getting prospects attention (interrupt marketing) is its own area of study
  • Marketing is Everything (we are in the marketing business)
  • Everything is marketing (Every interaction with potential clients is marketing)
  • Marketing begins at home (selling your team on their awesome company)
  • Multiple marketing pillars is how to build an unshakable Marketing Parthenon
  • Creating duplicatable marketing tasks with a set-it-and-forget-it system
  • Outsourcing marketing tasks or hiring part-time marketing assistants
  • The tremendous 20 (you don’t need 50 plant varieties) Can you say, “ruthless standardization?”
  • Teach gardeners (not technicians) how to “water the plant” not the soil. Ask me to tell the story about, “the day we took everyone’s soil probe away”
  • Sub-irrigation to take the guesswork out of watering, and so much more
    • We’ve been using and innovating sub-irrigation since 1987
    • If you’re interested, we’ll tell all
  • Customer retention strategies your gardeners must know
  • SPANX is not just a girdle (oops, I mean a body-shaper) it’s a plant refresh system we created to reduce plant replacements. As in, “don’t replace it, SPANX it.”
  • Teaching your gardeners, the critical difference between horticulture and horti-torture
  • Stop Top-watering and watch plant quality improve and plant replacements drop
  • Incentivizing gardeners as “silent-salespeople” and teaching lead-capture strategies
  • Connection strategies to create unity and team-work with gardeners who rarely come to the office. Yes, there’s a system for that
  • A prospecting process to identity the best prospects to create the best customers (If you don’t like your customers, it’s your own fault)
  • A sales process funnel. You always know where each prospect is in the funnel.  AND…how to move them closer to a sale.
  • Sales scripts of what to say and questions to ask for each stage of the process
  • How to begin the close on the first call (the Discovery and Rapport) so that the second call (the Presentation) is a mere tip-in. This alone is a game-changer.
  • Cold call any prospect anywhere, and be a welcomed guest, not an annoying pest!
  • Beautiful proposal forms that look custom, but are simple fill-in-the-blank templates. Proposals in minutes.
  • Words, phrasing, questions and scripts your Salespeople (and/or You) must memorize cold
  • How and why to ask “The Key Question” so that you know exactly how to speak to your prospect’s hot buttons.
  • A crazy simple contact management system to track multiple prospects in all stages of the sale (It’s Free and your whole team can be on the same page)
  • Financial dashboards for “at a glance” control of your critical numbers
  • Manage the numbers that matter, and ignore everything else
  • Pricing strategies to maximize and optimize each account
  • Account analysis process to weed out the losers. Stop paying your clients to care for their plants
  • How to really make money in the Plantscape business. Stop selling anything!
  • Price elasticity. How to charge premium prices for your work and defy comparison
  • How to make your money work harder for you than your plants
  • How you answer the phone is marketing (not just your voice, your mindset)
  • Checklists, forms and reporting to serve every division
  • Plant replacement work orders. Lightning fast turn-around from gardener to greenhouse, back to account.  We’ve finally found THE plant replacement system
  • Why a LIVE person should answer your phone every time, and how to make it happen
  • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable systems. Cash-flow is king.  How to make this (and keep it) a priority
  • Company culture is more than a sign on the wall. Why you need a sign on the wall!  How and why to write a Creed, Mission, Vision and Core Values.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OURS -
  • Meetings that people look forward to. Meaningful. Effective.
  • How to create your all-staff meetings calendar, 6 months in advance. Stop asking, “what are we going to talk about tomorrow?”  LOL
  • How to know who has the DNA of a trainer, and who doesn’t
  • Why (and how) someone must Train the Trainer
  • Plant care training systems. How to turn anyone into a Master Gardener in 4 weeks or less
  • Trial Days with potential new hires. Now take it to the next level. Then take it to the next level again
  • A multi-step hiring “campaign” that will blow your mind. How to make your hiring ads (campaigns) a dog-whistle that only your ideal candidates can hear
  • Training development for the whole person, not just horticulture
  • Why your team is #1 (and your clients are #2)
  • Preparing plants for their long hard journey is an essential KPI
  • A plant is Roots and Leaves - Every plant is pretty And healthy. Amazing how many people ignore the roots
  • Simple Sub-irrigation systems for Every plant. We use 4 types
  • Plant staging techniques to create a long-term successful plant
  • Ruthless standardization in the decorative container environment
  • High-hole, low-hole or no hole? It’s all about the reservoir!
  • Saucers VS Liners and how they work with sub-irrigation
  • Plant prep for Sidewalk Scapes (exterior potted) for two week service intervals – even in full-sun
  • To direct-plant or double-pot. The great debate is finally solved!
  • Eliminate discretion at the operating level of your business (how to do it and why it’s important)
  • Invent your own D and I equipment to create process equity
  • Continuous improvement of the work-order flow from Gardener to installed new plants. On time plant replacements
  • “Wheels up at 8:30” How to make every replacement route as efficient as possible
  • Zero-Defect Installations. No go-backs. No re-dos. No frustration
  • Your salespeople are not D & I! Keep your salespeople selling while the installation goes flawlessly – without them
  • The Installation “Playbook” - Every bit of information for a flawless installation, all in one place
  • Delivery and Installation forms, checklists and templates: How to think of each one of these is an invention to create a better process
  • Ruthless standardization of the plant replacement process
  • A fresh set of eyes to assure quality
  • The deception of the gradual and how it kills your quality
  • Quality assurance as a customer retention strategy
  • An amazing QA checklist we swiped from a Honda dealership and adapted for Interior Plant Scapes
  • Quality assurance and up-selling. Turning an expense into a revenue generating opportunity
  • The curse of the familiar and how it deadens your appreciation for your clients
  • We create ambiance and beautiful spaces – and it begins at home!
  • The highest quality plants, in a stunningly clean and orderly environment
  • How to make your highly systemized facility a competitive super-power
  • How to use facility-tours as a powerful sale close
  • Everyone knows where everything goes.
  • The critical difference between organization and systemization
  • “It is best to do things systematically, since we are only human and disorder is our greatest enemy” - You’ll never guess who said that.

The Kimono is wide open

Yes, “The system is the solution,” but…believe me this is not a ‘once-and-done’ task.  We’ve had our share of systems failures:

  • Systems that don’t stick
  • Checklists that staff “forget” to use
  • Training that’s supposed to happen, but doesn’t
  • Creating amazing forms that collect dust
  • And many more…

You may even learn more from our mistakes, than our victories – we have a lot of both.  They’ll be no sugar-coating our operation, we’ll open the Kimono, share openly and keep no secrets.

If it’s not written down, it’s not a system

This is by-far one of our biggest lessons:

Document the system if you want it to stick. 

We have a step-by-step process to create and document your work.  It’s a process for how to create process. 

With this process, you’ll learn how to create your systems manuals.  More than a training manual, it’s like having a cookbook with all your unique recipes in one place. 

To learn more about this process click here.  Your Best Work, The Best Way Process.

The Small Business Innovation & Marketing Live Event

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When you attend the Event, you will forever think differently about innovation. You’ll begin to see “system-solutions” everywhere. Every system-solution is an opportunity to eliminate waste, create efficiency and maximize profits.

If we stopped right there with a full day of “just” innovation, your business and your life would forever change – But we won’t stop!  Not by far.


You are in the Marketing Business

The purpose of innovation and systems is to create your best business – the goal of marketing is to attract the perfect prospects to your best business.

A lack of systems is why your business isn’t better, a lack of marketing is why your business isn’t bigger.


Being the Best-Kept-Secret is Not a Compliment

“Best-kept-secret,” means your business is delivering on its promises and the customer experience is amazing, but sadly, tragically, your business is a secret.  The marketplace doesn’t know you exist.  Bill, a former bank president and client of ours (now retired), told me recently, “lack of marketing know-how is why most small businesses fail.”  We’ll show you how to fix that!

Dan Kennedy was one of the first smart marketing guys I studied, he said this, “If you can’t create a steady stream of prospects ready to do business with you, you can’t control your business.”

Marketing Systems create a predictable business

Yes, the whole systems strategy mindset can be applied to marketing and sales.  Which means, you can “control your business.”  You can create predictable income.

Honestly, my business was less than stellar until I became a student of marketing.  If you’re a small business owner, marketing should be a continual subject of curiosity and study.  Listen and lean in close:  Do Not Delegate Your Marketing!  That’s not to say, don’t get help.  By all means outsource and create marketing tasks (lots of em) fulfilled by others.  As the leader of your business, however, You Own the Marketing!  Marketing, “creating a steady stream of prospects” is the lifeblood of every business.  Failure to learn marketing, is why businesses fail.

You can create marketing systems to attract ideal prospects for your business.  And Yes, you can create selling systems to convert those prospects into customers.  That’s why we say… “marketing is lead-generation and selling is lead-conversion” – and your business needs both!  Your small business needs smart salespeople.  Whether it’s you, or someone on your team, we’ll show you how to create marketing systems to “soften the beaches” for your salespeople. 

Free E-Book..."11 Systems Manual Secrets to a Business You Love"

Who else wants to create a Lifestyle Business?

Friend, your business could be better...your business should be better. Learn how by signing up here for my free e-book.

Crazy-Cool Marketing Ideas, Strategies, & Tools

We’re going to load you up with crazy-cool marketing ideas, strategies and tools.  Again, with a systems mind-set for it all.  Here’s a small sample of some of the strategies we use, and that you’ll be immersed in:

  • Sales is not marketing, and marketing is not sales, but the two must perfectly complement each other
  • Don’t be selling when you should be marketing, and don’t be marketing when you should be selling
  • Multi-step marketing campaigns using offline and online tactics
  • High-level prospecting strategy: Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic information – to Know why John Smith buys
    • “You can’t sell John Smith what John Smith buys, until you can see the world through John Smith’s eyes.”
  • How to plant seeds every week (prospecting), so that you have a harvest every week (cha-ching)
  • The marketing equation applied to Plantscape sales and marketing
    • Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer = Close
  • Segmenting your top industries – to divide and dominate. Check this one out on our website
  • The “brochure” that no one will “ever” throw away – guaranteed!
  • The Law of Reciprocity to get your calls returned and emails replied to
  • Building a marketing Parthenon that’s unshakeable

What if your marketing was so good, so dialed in to the prospects in your market, that your salespeople couldn’t keep up?  Reminds me of another Drucker fav:

The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. 

- Peter Drucker

Maybe Mr. Drucker is stretching a bit, but I love his optimism!  Marketing can and should do the heavy lifting for your sales team.  Your marketing can and should get noticed because it’s fresh and creative.  Most of all, your marketing should be everywhere, all the time.

“Yeah, but isn’t that expensive?”  So glad you asked that game-changing question.  This is definitely a mind-set bender, and a truth most small business people never get.  We will definitely unpack this truth of all marketing truths:

It’s not who can spend the least to attract a prospect, it’s who can spend the most.  If you come just to hear the discussion on that, it’ll be worth the trip.

Our marketing mindset that we’d love to share with you is simply this, we are in the marketing business!”

Come join us and let us show you how to market, your innovative small business.

The Small Business Innovation & Marketing Live Event

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But wait…there’s more.  There’s an elephant we have to talk about, or all this innovation and marketing will never happen.  First, the elephant will keep you from even considering the Event.  It’s your BS.


Your BS is holding you back

The one thing I’m talking about is your mind-set.  Your Belief Systems of course!

Yes, that voice inside your head that’s holding you back from the business and the life of your dreams.  Right now, even!  Are you thinking any of these…

  • It’s too much money
  • Getting there is a hassle
  • I don’t really want to grow my business
  • I’ve heard all this before
  • My business is doing just fine
  • All conferences are the same

You’re either embracing the idea of building the business of your dreams, or you’re rejecting it.  Your mind-set is responsible for that. 

Limiting Beliefs.  Fear.  Mental Lies.  Scarcity.  Negativity.  Doubt.

Let’s be honest, we all deal with it.  If you don’t face it down, you lose. 

Building a solid and successful business is more than anything – A head game!

“Your business is either good or bad, between your own two ears.” 

- Zig Ziglar

This could be your favorite part of the Event.  It certainly is one of the most important.  Listen…if you don’t address your own Limiting Beliefs and Mental Lies, everything else you learn is for nothing.  You won’t take action: either because you don’t think you deserve it (scarcity & shame), or you don’t think it’s possible (doubt & fear), or perhaps worst of all, you can’t be bothered and don’t think it’s worth the trouble (negativity). 

We’re going to come against all that with Positive Truth.

OK, I have to say it one more time,

“Stop thinking like a technician (an employee)!”

You see this mindset and BS stuff gets into everything everywhere.  Including and especially your business.

Your greatest leap may be in Busting Out of some tired, worn-out ideas about how your small business “should” work.  Stop “shoulding on your business.”


Demolish… Industry-influenza

Here’s what I mean.  If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’re bound to get stuck in “industry norms.”  We believe your business should be anything but normal.  You’ll be challenged to think about your small business in New and Creative ways.

To use my company Interior Plant Scapes, for example, I told myself,

“You’re not a Plantscape company, you don’t sell Plants and Planters…”

…You’re a logistics company.  You manage the detailed coordination of people, products and process.

…You create ambiance and hospitality for a remarkable guest experience

…You’re The Trusted Authority using Plants and Planters as Living Art

Let me sum this up with one more Drucker quote:

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer

- Peter Drucker

You probably need to read that one again.  So simple - so true.  Nothing else really matters except these two, yet, everything in your business is built and designed to that purpose.

It’s Innovation and Marketing.

The purpose of business is to create a customer - Marketing.
The purpose of business is to keep a customer - Innovation.

As I said above, “the purpose of innovation and systems is to create your best business – the goal of marketing is to attract the perfect prospects to your best business.”

If you’re ready to create Your best business, I’d like to ask you to come to…

The Small Business Innovation & Marketing Live Event

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Our promise is to propel you faster and further in your small business then you've ever imagined.

Free E-Book..."11 Systems Manual Secrets to a Business You Love"

Who else wants to create a Lifestyle Business?

Friend, your business could be better...your business should be better. Learn how by signing up here for my free e-book.


Why should you listen to me?  Glad you asked.

A heart-centered appeal from a compassionate capitalist.
I love business.  I love life.  I love people.

Our employment ad at Interior Plant Scapes starts… “Do you like plants? People?
You’ll love this job!”

We believe work should be a fun part of a full life, not a dreaded 9 to 5 existence.  Building a great business is a worthy goal, but your work is not your life.  However, that’s what happens to many small business people.  Michael Gerber also said this…

“I can easily imagine a life without a business, but I can’t imagine a business without a life.”

Yet, that’s what happens.  Without the innovations and intention, we’re advocating for, a small business (your small business) will consume your life.

“You weren’t just born to pay bills and die!” 

There’s a reason we want to help you get a bigger vision for your business. So that you can create a bigger vision for your life.

Decide upon the life you want, then go to work on your business to make that vision a reality. 

The content at the conference will be rich and rewarding, and more, the heart of the presenters is generosity.  We want to help you take The Big Leap into your best life and your best business.  This is what you can expect:

  1. We will lead with an atmosphere of vulnerability and transparency.
    Business is hard.  Business is complicated and has a lot of moving parts.  You will never master it.  We haven’t!   And we won’t pretend we have.  Our goal is to create a wonderful encouraging atmosphere of sharing our best wins and our struggles too.  Expect vulnerability.  Expect transparency.
  2. We will share all our best secrets.
    We’ll share our pricing, our sources, our … everything.  I’ll even tell you right now we are earning just over 2 million a year in annualized recurring revenue.  To some, 2 million sound unreachable, and others blew past that years ago.  Doesn’t matter!  Our desire is to share our best stuff to help you take your company to the next level – of income, of lifestyle, of innovation, of marketing, or whatever success looks like to you.

  3. Learn how to Work ON, Not IN
    We work on our business more than we work in it.  Somewhere along the way, the shift happened.  The shift was our dream of less and less working in, and more working on.  That was our original plan, our vision.  We’ll show you precisely How to work on your business.  It takes vision and intention to break old habits of thinking (and working) like an employee, but the rewards are real.  You can get there.  As I said in the opening line of this letter…(see #4 below)

  4. Scale Your Business, Create Free Time, Do the Work You Love
    It’s a new way to think about business – any business.  It’s the “Retirement” option that maybe you haven’t considered.  Keep your business, stop working it, and create freedom and margin to do the work you love.  Any work.  You may not believe it’s possible to have it all.  We’d love to show you exactly how it IS possible.  It’s a transformational lifestyle choice.  Which is exactly our desire in working with you: not just a transaction, but more, much more, a transformation.
  5. We will be praying for you. 
    Yes, that’s right.  Honor God is our number one Core Value. We believe God is the unseen yet ever-present Source behind everything we do.  We plant the seed and water it, and He makes it grow.  Don’t worry, you’re not coming to a revival tent meeting, however, praying for you and your business success is part of our strategy.  We (and He) want you to become everything you were Created to be.

Again, if you’re ready to create your best business, I’d like to ask you to come to…

See What Others Are Saying About Our Training Events

"If you're looking to improve your results in business or life, I highly recommend Brad's teaching..."

"Brad Miller has been instrumental in my life since 2004. I have learned to be a better business owner and person because of Brad's influence on my life. Watching how Brad has continually made his systems in business better over the last 14 years has been a real education for me in bettering my business. I am a recovering micro-manager and currently have 7 employees. Every day I have to choose to allow the systems that we have implemented to work, then evaluate the results, and then tweak the processes when necessary. I have learned this from Brad and the concepts he teaches at Miller Marketing and Training." -  Kelly E. Hill, Business Owner

"I highly recommend you engage in his teachings..."

"Because of the the line of work I’m engaged in as a best-selling writer and public speaker, Brad’s presentations impressed me as brilliant and insightful. His talk on how to create marketing systems wowed me and the audience. If you have the opportunity to work with Brad, to improve yourself and grow your business, I would highly recommend you engage in his teachings." - Terry Felber, President - Felber and Associates, Inc.

"He's learned how to create a real business that works..."

"Many companies talk about systems, Brad's business is a 360 degree systems machine.  He's learned how to create a real business that works.  The work of his newest company, Miller Marketing & Training, will show you how to do the same.  Starting with the belief that selling and marketing should be a system that creates and converts leads; he teaches how to bring it full circle with a system for every bit of the order fulfillment process too.  The work of his new company could be his best work yet, as he excels as a teacher, trainer and speaker.  If your desire is to grow your business, but not forsake your life, I would highly recommend you invest in Brad's work." - Art Campbell, CMC - President, National Interiorscape Network

"One of the best investments you can make..."

"Brad and I have grown our companies in the same industry on opposite sides of the country, for over 35 years.  As a frequent speaker at conferences, Brad has the reputation of a thought leader in our industry.   I’ve read Brad’s book on systems and can attest that his thinking and strategies are sound. If you don’t want to settle for simply being an employee in your own company, but want the ultimate prize of being a “business owner,” whether you’re an established or emerging business check out his book and seminars. It will be one of the best investments you can make." - Scott C. Barron, Founder - Botanical Designs

"Brad inspires his readers to march forward and to make things happen!"

"My years as a Salvation Army Area Commander, have convinced me that “where there is no vision, the people perish…” Brad gets that “truth” and after reading his book, Victory Goes to the Business with Superior Systems, I’m even more convinced that “systems” are what make vision a reality. -- Habakkuk 2:2 states, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets…” Likewise, Brad advises his readers to write their systems manuals so that their vision can be connected to tangible/achievable steps, thus making their vision a reality. Brad provides lofty ideas while, at the same time, having his feet planted on solid ground. Brad inspires his readers to march forward and to make things happen!" - Tim Gilliam, Major - Area Commander – The Salvation Army

"I go out of my way to attend anytime he is speaking!"

"Brad’s understanding of how to implement systems to improve your business and personal life are excellent. I’ve heard Brad speak 40 or 50 times and go out of my way to attend anytime he is speaking.  I have read his last book twice, and given it as a gift to several people.  Compared to the E-Myth, I liked his book much better, as it offered such practical advice.  I highly recommend Brad's work, as it has profoundly impacted my thinking on business and life." - Brad Nash, Nash Insurance and Associates - State Farm agent for 40 years

"If you’re looking for a business mentor... he’s your guy."

"Brad has an amazing business journey and I have had the privilege to witness much of it. His commitment and determination to create a lifestyle business driven by systems is admirable.  He’s done it! If you’re looking for a business mentor - someone who can help scale your business with a systems strategy, he’s your guy.  Equally, if you’re looking for an example of leadership around work/life balance, I’ve watched Brad build not only a business, but a marriage & family, and a large bible teaching ministry at his church. As a client, I know Brad has a real business, in the real world that manages hundreds of clients and a large team of associates.  The strategies he teaches in his new marketing and training business, are definitely worth the investment." - Mark McFalls, General Manager - Ferguson Waterworks

"Being a true entrepreneur takes great vision; that makes me think of Brad Miller."

"Being a true entrepreneur takes great vision; that makes me think of Brad Miller.  Brad has spent years developing his systems strategy for growing a business.   He actually has a step-by-step process to help you create and clarify your vision; then his course takes you deeper with a process to create your systems.  Wow!  I love it!  What I admire most about Brad is that he’s an over-the-top encourager, and has put these practices to work in his own very successful business." - George Haack, President/Owner - George's Complete Auto Repair

"It takes organization and systems to grow..."

"Brad runs a fine business; I've actually had the privilege of experiencing it up close.  The message of Brad's work and his book, Victory Goes to the Business with Superior Systems is - we should not let what our businesses are, keep us from what our businesses can be. We can train others to accomplish tasks, we can have an organized business that people enjoy being a part of, we can attract quality workers, we can lower our stress, but it takes organization and systems to grow and make this happen." - Chad Peal, Owner/Manager - Snappy Pro Wash

Again, if you’re ready to create your best business, I’d like to ask you to come to…

The Small Business Innovation & Marketing Live Event

Click Here to Reserve Your Seat Now

PS: The work I’ve described in this letter, is the work I want to do (Lord willing) for the next 25 years or so.  It is my second-half work.  It’s also the work of my new company, Miller Marketing and Training.  That work is best described as, Growing You, Growing Your Business.   Simply put, “my magnificent obsession is your abundant life, and a business that works.”  I love small business, and small business owners – they are what make our country work.  My training is teaching them they can have both a business, and a life.

There’s a lot going on at my website, and I hope you’ll check it out at, Miller Marketing and Training.

With enthusiasm and Spirit,

Where Is The Event Located?

The Small Business Innovation and Marketing Live Event will be hosted by Miller Marketing & Training in Fort Myers, Florida. 

The venue will be:

Hilton Garden Inn
Fort Myers Airport/FGCU. 
16410 Corporate Commerce Way Fort Myers, FL

Date & Time: The event will be held on Thursday, April 30th, 2020, from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.


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